What is different about
Genesis Physician Services?

Genesis is unique in that we are the only national operator of skilled nursing facilities that has a significant staff of physicians and advance practice providers whose primary jobs are inside our own facilities.

At GPS, we visit the patients in their homes (our nursing facilities) vs. making them come to us. We bring primary care directly to the patient. In addition, Genesis has formed its own accountable care organization (ACO) through the Medicare Shared Savings Program. This means we have full accountability for population health, quality, outcomes and costs.

For short stay patients, our focus is on vitality. Our clinicians are leading the diagnostic and therapeutic decision making process, so there’s a lot of clinical autonomy. Our goal is to successfully discharge patients home, but during this time, we are also working to prevent additional comorbidities and rehospitalization. By helping people through what may be the toughest life transition they’ve faced, we’re a crucial link to future wellness.

For long stay patients, our focus is providing dignity and quality of life in a residential setting. For our geriatric patients, we are responsible for doing chronic disease management, advance care planning, and palliative care.

GPS Opportunities

In our facilities, there is an ability for GPS Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to interact with patients and their families more closely than they might in the hospital. The sub-acute setting offers the excitement of a fast paced, high-acuity environment and the sense of intimacy that comes with caring for long term care patients — and their loved ones. As a GPS clinician, you have the ability to deliver very intensive care to a narrow panel of patients.

Our team is present for important life transitions, and patients often come to view clinicians as family. Here, you are establishing and growing relationships. You’re investing emotionally. What we’re doing at Genesis today is similar in some respects to what was done in acute-care hospitals ten years ago. We focus on developing team-based partnerships among Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants and throughout the rest of our organization.

Unlike private practice, working at GPS means no overhead to maintain or practice to buy into.

You will benefit from having all of the administrative support and resources you need, allowing you to focus on what you do best—care for patients. In addition, GPS is committed to the development, education, professional and personal growth of our employees. We offer fully paid time off for CME conferences, an annual stipend for continuing medical education and the full day-to-day support of our highly experienced medical leadership team.